Want Discounted Movie Theatre Snacks with Your AMC Tickets?

I love going to the movies. Whether you are in the mood to watch a comedy or a drama, there’s one thing that ever movie-goer loves and it’s movie snacks.

I’m sure for a lot of people, a typical trip to the movies goes a little like this: you buy your ticket, load up at the candy bar, head into to the cinema room, eat your choc top before it melts or eat half the bag of candy while the credits is showing.

Then you drown yourself in the jumbo-sized popcorn and soda sitting on your lap. Am I right?

Movie theater snacks are priced as if you were the star of the show, not that you are seeing the show. So you better have saved up some extra cash! Now, instead of spending an arm and a leg, why not get discounted popcorn to snack on.

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While at home you can consume an entire meal while enjoying a movie night, things are a bit different in the theater. Popcorn is the king with giant cups of soda. Or that bag of your favorite candy at the concession stand!

All movie snacks are not created equal. Here’s my ranking of cinema snacks you can munch on at the theater.

10. Chips
Crunch, crunch, go away.

9. Raisinets
You’re not being virtuous, so move on.

8. Milk Duds 
It’s been fun, teeth.

7. Twizzlers
Neither here nor there.

6. Choc Top
Good if you can buy it when credits are on and have someone save you a seat. Otherwise its gone before the credits are done.

5. M&Ms

4. Peanut M&Ms

3. Peanut Butter M&Ms

2. Skittles
Props if you make it through the previews without dumping the entire bag straight into your face.

1. Popcorn
As if we had a choice.

If you’re a frequent movie goer like me it’s important you get movie and snack discounts where you can. So what are you waiting for? There must be a film coming out that you want to see?

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