Attending Sporting Events LIVE

I often do everything in my power to go to live events. Whether they were concerts, sporting events or even musicals. There is just something special about being at a live event.

Today we are talking about attending LIVE Sporting Events.

Think back to the first sporting event you ever went to:
What do you remember? Do you remember the score? The home runs? How many jump shots were taken? Or do you remember who you were with ?

The 5 Reasons People Go to LIVE Sporting Events

1.  Socializing and Networking

Whether it’s the friends you brought along or the people seated next to you, sporting events bring people together.

2. Halftime Shows

Who doesn’t enjoy a good halftime show? Sure, some acts are better than others, but they can be quite entertaining.

3. Promotions and Giveaways

Free stuff — ‘nuff said.

4. Team Spirit

People — especially sports fans — are competitive by nature. When you put fans from opposing teams in the same stadium, there’s bound to be a ton of smack talk. And of course team camaraderie.

5. Impressing Someone

If you’re trying to impress someone, what better way than to take them out to a ballgame? For some, it’s that cute girl from the bar. For others, it’s that big client.

The live sporting event experience is about looking around, not looking down at your device. If your looking down, then you might as well stay at home. As the screen is always going to be better there.

Game day should be spent focusing on family and friends and cheering for your favorite sports team.

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