The Rite of Passage the 1st Concert Experience!

The first concert you go to as a teenager on your own, without parental supervision has been a rite of passage all round the world for generations.

Going to a concert for a teenager is all about breaking limits and testing new ones. It’s about the liberation and revolution live music makes you feel. It’s about the swell of energy you get swept up in when hundreds or even thousands of like-minded people cheer out at once.

How was your first concert experience?

Who did you see, who did you go with, how old were you, how was the show, anything memorable happen during the show?

Everyone remembers their first concert. I mean my first concert that took place in an outside arena filled with just a few hundred people screaming their heads off around a lit-up stage, where the main act; Thirsty Merc was belting out hit after hit.

No matter who it is you happen to see that first time, like my sister going to Lady Gaga, it can be a watershed moment for a young person.

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